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Panorhythmica   (SS-002)

Sound becomes visual when light becomes aural.

New Age Voice Magazine Finalist for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 2000

For music samples click on  LISTEN  to hear.  

bullet1.   Serengeti Sunrise                LISTEN        
bullet2.   Monkey in the Middle                   LISTEN     (full song on YouTube
bullet3.   The Smoothie                          LISTEN   
bullet4.   a.k.a. You                                     LISTEN        
bullet5.   Agua del Fuego                        LISTEN           
bullet6.   Facing the Sun                                 LISTEN      (full song on YouTube)
bullet7.   Falling Water                      LISTEN   
bullet8.   Neo Rio                     __          LISTEN     (full song on YouTube
bullet9.   Destiny                              LISTEN    
bullet10. Symmetrical Soul                            LISTEN    (full song on YouTube       
bullet11. Road to Panorhythmica          LISTEN   
bullet12. Crossing the Chasm                   LISTEN                                                    
bullet13. Elegy in G major                           LISTEN                                       

All Songs Published 2000 Sticks & Stones Music (BMI)                                

"Even after you've listened to this CD many times, its musical depth keeps it fresh and engaging, as new melodies and beats continue to emerge and amaze."  -Spa Magazine, January / February 2002


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Produced by Mark Esakoff / Michael Whipple

Engineered & Mastered by John Perez

Artwork & Graphics by Tom McKeith

Photography by Peter Hunken

2000-17 Sticks & Stones Music (BMI)