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Sound becomes visual when light becomes aural.

1. Serengeti Sunrise

The animal soul awakens fresh with every dawn.

2. Monkey in the Middle

Throwing a wrench into the business of evolution.

3. The Smoothie

Pacific Coast Highway in an open car.

4. a.k.a. You

You always call me you.

5. Agua del Fuego

Passion flows like a river through the veins of time.

6. Facing the Sun

A warm thought bathes the whole body.

7. Falling Water

Salty tears washing grief out to sea.

8. Neo Rio

Rhythms of the flesh ~ happy, sweet and pure.

9. Destiny

She is every place I am traveling to see.

10. Symmetrical Soul

A dreamer awakens with the answer to a question he never asked.

11. Road to Panorhythmica

Hearing the sights along the way to your heart.

12. Crossing the Chasm

A burnt bridge forces a man to discover what lies beneath it. 

13. Elegy in G major

      Through the memories of love flow immortality. 



Silence, space and pause giving shape to things seen and unseen.

1. Goes Like This

Recognizing an old friend in the middle of an Andean village.

2. Wesley

An immovable mind is overcome by an irresistible rhythm.

3. Jessica

She finds her identity in the shapes of her desires.

4. Inbetween the Words

The road less traveled can be a shortcut to the soul.

5. Elysian Fields

Sounding the call of euphoria in the Fields of Forever.

6. Rook

An ancient Druid game reveals the source of all stars.

7. Land of the Living

Cultivating the seeds of our future.

8. Sea of Memory

The attic of my mother's house is a ship which sails the sea of memory.

9. Arrow Through My Heart

Bleeding hearts weighed on the scale of love.

10. Forward Reflection

Eyes that can see in the dark.

11. Returning to You

The warrior knows the true journey lies in returning home.

12. Lake of Souls

The heritage of family calms the stormy surface of history.


2000-17 Sticks & Stones Music (BMI)