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This CD opens with the sound of waves, cluing the listener in (should they need it) to the fact that this is very much a southern, warm weather kind of jazz music.

The guys in Chasm are very much old school, having first formed the group in 1987.  You wonder what they’ve done in between releases; perhaps surfing and knocking back beers in Ventura until they’ve felt the need for a little creativity.  For this effort, they’ve added 3 members who have brought some new blood and new feelings to the previous lineup.

What do you get for your money?  You will be treated to coolly bouncy lounge jazz that never takes itself very seriously.  This is good music for driving on a sunny day or chilling out on the patio.

The promo material calls this music “a twist of jazz in a world music cocktail”.  I was reminded more of borderline new age music saved from mediocrity by energy and clever inventiveness.  One cut has the driving energy and groove of the old Peter Gunn theme (and sounds a lot like it, too).  There are occasional flashbacks to that 60s sensibility that I’ll always miss and some very melodic flute work that seems to have gone out of fashion in jazz.

The production is great…all the instruments fit well together; nothing jarring or surprising here.  All the musicians do great work and the solos are not overlong or tedious.

My only quibble is that there’s nothing very much here to get excited about.  Only one song has lyrics and perhaps the boys should have found words for a few more of the songs.  The music is just so darn inoffensive that there’s nothing to distinguish it from a lot of the other musical candy out there.

Summary: Very ear-friendly sound. Laid back music with rounded edges.